Opportunities to intern aboard

Good news to SEGi University & Colleges’ School of Hospitality & Tourism Management students can now perform their internships with various hospitality establishments in Singapore.

All final year students are encouraged to apply as there are many hotels, fine dining restaurants, recreation centres and clubhouses in Singapore that can consider Malaysian interns.

Why internship in Singapore?

Seamless arrangement for students to perform internship in Singapore, Internship allowance is S$ 650.00 not only that students will be provided with accommodation, duty meal and insurance.

Not only that, with abroad working experience it gives you a new perspective on the hospitality industry, as you’ll see how a different hotel serves guests and markets itself. Moreover, you will be able to signals your future employers that you’re independent, capable enough to move across the world for a job, and able to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

It gives you something interesting to talk about in any job interview, and a broader network connects you to more people and businesses in the industry and therefore increase your employment opportunities.

Interested final year students from all levels of study (Certificate, Diploma and Degree), apply for the next batch internship placements scheduled to happen on 28 November 2022. You may contact the lecturer in charge via email [email protected]

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