SEGi’s Resident Composer’s Work Making Waves in Germany”

Introduction of the Programme

SEGi College Subang Jaya is proud to announce that our very own lecturer, Mr YiibKah Hoe, has had his musical composition, “My Spirit is Playing Again”, broadcast on the German radio station SR2 Kultur Radio. This artistic musical piece was broadcast on Thursday, April 21, 2022, from 8:04 p.m. to 9:30 p.m by the moderator, Karsten Neuschwender. For twenty years, the show “Mouvement” has been kidnapping audience into the colourful world of new music every week. Whether innovative or spiritual, whether tradition-conscious, cross-border or playing with new technical possibilities, the music of our time is more diverse than ever. This programme builds bridges to Southeast Asia.

Introduction of the Composition

Yii Kah Hoe, “My Spirit is Playing Again” (2019)

“My spirit is Playing Again” for piano and percussion” is a revised version of “My spirit is Playing Again”  for the piano solo, which was composed and dedicated to the German pianist Moritz Ernst in 2017. A new revised version was composed in 2019, inspired by Joseph Chilton’s concept of “Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold”.

Introduction of YII Kah Hoe

Yii has been recognized as one of the major voices among Southeast Asian composers of his generation. His music has been widely performed in Asia, America, and Europe by ensembles such as Ensemble Mosaik, Interensemble, Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra, ​Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, The Claremont Concert Choir, Singapore Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Birmingham Conservatoire Wind Orchestra, Pan-Pacific Ensemble and musicians such as Peter Veale, Christopher Redgate, Moritz Ernst, Jürg Henneberger, Maruta Staravoitava, Anne Harley, Luisa Sello, Duplum Duo and etc.

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