Interior architecture students expand their horizons at IAMM and City Gallery

On Friday, 10 March 2023, twenty students and two lecturers from SEGi College Subang Jaya’s Interior Architecture programme went on an educational excursion to the Islamic Art Museum Malaysia (IAMM) and Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. The event was organised by Marliana Mansor, an academician from SEGi’s Interior Architecture department. 

The excursion had several objectives, including gaining knowledge about architectural heritage styles, learning about how merchandise is displayed in a gallery, and observing the circulation of the gallery space planning. Through building model displays and gallery exhibits, students were able to gain a deeper understanding of the principles of architectural design and the importance of effective display and signage. 

According to a study by the National Endowment for the Arts, exposure to the arts and cultural heritage can have a significant impact on educational outcomes, including higher academic achievement and improved critical thinking skills. Events like the IAMM and City Gallery excursion provide students with unique opportunities to engage with cultural heritage and gain valuable skills that will benefit them both academically and professionally. 

The excursion was also a chance for students to build connections with their peers and lecturers outside of the classroom. Building social connections is a crucial aspect of university life, and events like this can help students feel more engaged and connected to their academic community. According to a survey by the Higher Education Policy Institute, students who feel more connected to their academic community are more likely to complete their degree programmes and report higher levels of satisfaction with their university experience. 

Overall, the excursion to IAMM and City Gallery was a success, providing students with a valuable educational experience and an opportunity to connect with their peers and lecturers. As universities continue to adapt to new challenges, events like this demonstrate the importance of experiential learning and engagement in higher education. 

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