Year 1 Diploma in Early Childhood Education Visit the Sarawak Cultural Village

A group of first-year students from one of SEGi College Sarawak’s early childhood education programmes recently went on an excursion to the Sarawak Cultural Village and Heritage Centre for a team-bonding experience. The trip aimed to give the students an opportunity to learn about Sarawak’s culture and traditions while fostering teamwork and collaboration among them. 

The students, accompanied by their lecturer, Ms Laura Albert Chuan, were greeted by the friendly staff who were ready to take them on a tour of the cultural village. The village is a living museum showcasing various aspects of traditional Sarawak life, including the architecture of the longhouses, the weaving of textiles, the creation of handicrafts, and the practices of various indigenous tribes in the region. 

The students were fascinated by the diverse cultures and traditions showcased at the village. They participated in various activities, such as weaving, the congkak game, hitting gongs and other traditional music instruments,  spinning tops, blow-piping, and traditional dance performances. They also learned about the traditional customs of various Sarawakian communities such as the Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu, Melanau , Orang Melayu and Orang Cina. 

Aside from learning about the culture of Sarawak, the students also had the opportunity to bond with their batch mates. The field trip provided an opportunity for the students to work together and interact with their peers outside the classroom setting. They learned valuable lessons on teamwork and cooperation as they worked together to complete various activities. 

The lecturer was pleased with the outcome of the field trip. “The students had a great time learning about the culture of Sarawak, and they also had the opportunity to work together and bond as a team. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to learn while having fun,” said Ms Laura. 

The field trip was a success, as the early childhood students gained new knowledge about the culture and traditions of Sarawak while strengthening their bonds as a team. The experience was a testament to the value of experiential learning as a tool for educating young minds. 


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