The future is bright

By Ms Laura, Programme Leader, Faculty of Education & Social Sciences

We’ve all heard about the perks of having an international qualification—especially when it’s awarded by an established UK institution. SEGi College Sarawak, in collaboration with the University of Greenwich (UOG), provides the Bachelor of Arts in Early Years Education (BAEYE)in preparation of the best graduates that the market is looking for.

Here is the truth about graduating with a UK degree as told by 6 Sarawakian graduates of the University of Greenwich Bachelor of Arts in Early Years Education, in collaboration with the SEGi College Sarawak.

Earning Above The Rest

What’s the difference in salary for a teacher with an international certificate versus without?

“The first thing is the higher pay scale because of a British degree, “ answered Tracy, an educator at Lodge School. “I am also shown greater respect with this international qualification which gives me plenty of confidence to teach and manage the classroom. I believe you can succeed  with a degree of this standard.”

“My salary is above market rate for a graduate,” stated Lee Yau, another teacher at Lodge School. “But I also enjoyed a British syllabus as the active discussions and reflective sessions allow me to build my confidence as a teacher. That plus the regular practical observations helped me land a teaching job at one of Kuching’s most respected schools.”

Excellent Professional Development for Principals

Another graduate who chose to enrich her professional portfolio was Aline, a preschool Principal. “A UK syllabus gives Principals like me the opportunity to meet the needs of the ever-changing world of education. We have to stay ahead so that we can manage the school better and provide an excellent learning environment for children, which is done by learning in a conducive environment and putting theory into practice. I highly recommend more preschool teachers to consider upskilling with SEGi and UOG.”

Employable Anywhere, All The Time

Priscilla, from Miri, is now an educator at her first choice of employment – Inkidz Tunas Canggih. “When I wrote my resume, I made it clear that UOG was the awarding University for my degree. That’s when opportunities came to me,” said Priscilla. “I was accepted at all the schools that I applied for because of my UK degree. Not to mention my opportunity to teach in a primary school and teach in two schools at the same time. These are big opportunities for a graduate.”

Developing An International Mindset Without Leaving Home

The comprehensive syllabus set by UOG and SEGi College Sarawak gave Stella, also from Miri, 1st class Honours graduate , better exposure to the profession, “The course gave me good exposure to working with children. The syllabus was very thorough and allowed me to understand every aspect of early childhood education from both the British and Malaysian perspectives.”

Becoming The Best Educator There Is

“There is a lot to learn in BAEYE and it’s a great programme if you want to be the best teacher for the kids,” said Jenna who is currently teaching at Tadika Rhema. “Because I understand the needs of preschool children, I am capable of creating effective strategies in the classroom. My priority is for every child in my class to enjoy learning in school and become educated young citizens.”

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