The Evolution of E-Wallet Payment with “Sarawak Pay” Applications in Sarawak

The Sarawak Government has a highly aggressive ambition in terms of digital transformation to develop Sarawak’s e-commerce business. Especially in Kuching, we will see a significant increase in the adoption of Sarawak Pay as the federal and state governments work to encourage a paperless and digital society. The extensive internet connectivity, particularly in urban regions, facilitates the effective application of Sarawak Pay. The growing number of smartphone users and the expanded accessibility of internet connectivity have significantly facilitated the exponential expansion of e-wallet usage in Malaysia (J.P. Morgan, 2019). 

The recent development of Sarawak Pay foresees a change in name and logo in line with the growth and development of the Fintech platform. According to Ten (2021), Sarawak Pay has been renamed S-Pay Global, headquartered in Sarawak’s capital, Kuching, and has quickly gained recognition as a reliable and secure digital payment provider. With a mission to simplify financial transactions and promote financial inclusion, S-Pay Global has introduced a range of services and features that have resonated with the local population. 

One of the key advantages of S-Pay Global is its versatile and user-friendly mobile application. Users can easily download the app, create an account, and link their preferred payment methods, such as bank accounts or credit cards. The platform supports a wide array of transactions, including bill payments, peer-to-peer transfers, online shopping, and even in-store payments through QR codes. This versatility ensures that S-Pay Global caters to a broad audience, from tech-savvy individuals to small business owners.

Sarawak’s unique landscape, with remote rural areas and vibrant urban centres, poses a challenge for inclusive financial services. S-Pay Global has addressed this by partnering with local businesses and government agencies, making its platform accessible even in rural and underserved regions. This initiative has empowered individuals who previously had limited access to digital financial services.

Security and data protection are paramount in the digital payment landscape, and S-Pay Global takes this seriously. They employ state-of-the-art encryption technology and robust security measures to safeguard users’ personal and financial information. This commitment to security has built trust among the Sarawakian population, further fueling the adoption of their platform.

S-Pay Global has also actively fostered financial education in Sarawak, conducting workshops and seminars to promote responsible financial practices. This emphasis on financial literacy is particularly significant in a region where digital payments are still relatively new.

S-Pay Global has emerged as a significant player in Sarawak’s digital payment landscape. With a user-friendly app, broad accessibility, a commitment to security, and a focus on financial education, S-Pay Global is helping to drive the state’s transition to a more digital, convenient, and inclusive financial ecosystem. As Sarawak continues to embrace the digital age, S-Pay Global’s role in this transformation is set to become even more significant, contributing to a brighter financial future for the people of Sarawak.

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Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Accountancy & Law, SEGi College Sarawak

Awang Azley brings a wealth of experience to his role, having joined SEGi Sarawak College in August 2023. He holds a Diploma in Electronics from College Vocational Matang and a Bachelor’s degree in Technology Management (Hons) from the University of Technology Sarawak (UTS). He’s certified as a Level 3 Vocational Training Officer (VTO) and has taught Mechatronic Technology at ILPKS, specializing in curriculum development and innovative teaching methodologies. With a sharp grasp of technology, Mr. Awang Azley excels in network management, IT security, and optimising business processes through technology. His entrepreneurial journey into Photography and Videography services since 2020 has enriched his understanding of IT and business strategy.





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