Technopreneurship programmes change the mindset of students

By Ms Shiryln Shirllyn Thubbary Anak Dalang, Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Accouting & IT

Technopreneurship as a subject is an extension of the previous course “Introduction to Entrepreneurship”. It enables students do research and examine commercial-enterprise possibilities and the usage of the information and abilities obtained from the preceding subject. The purpose of this subject is to enhance the knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship using digital media such as Shopee, Lazada, Alibaba, Modern KOL etc.

This programme helps students to recollect commercial-enterprise planning, self-assessment, concept generation, and running techniques to begin new small commercial enterprises. The advantage of the collaboration between SEGi, Shopee and Modern KOL can change the mindset of SEGi students for them to be able to develop an entrepreneurial character and spirit. SEGi college prepares business students to think like entrepreneurs. They can improve their entrepreneurial thinking skills through the clubs and opportunities offered.

This course can make a positive impact on the world of education; to explore the feasibility and creation of a business enterprise. Students can develop the many different entrepreneurial skills to research, recognise and access business opportunities in the future. Thus technopreneurship is all about making improvements in someone life, especially financially, in an organisation, in a nation, and evenin  the world.

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