TechieMedia Conference 2023: A Showcase of Student Innovation and Creativity

The inaugural TechieMedia Conference 2023 held at SEGi College Sarawak marked a significant milestone, providing a platform for students to exhibit their creative works, projects, and final-year research. Held under the theme of “Innovation” aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9 (SDG 9) that emphasises the creation of resilient infrastructure and fostering sustainable industrialisation, the event was a vibrant celebration of creativity and ingenuity.

Walking through the bustling corridors of the conference venue, one couldn’t help but be struck by the palpable energy and creativity that permeated the air. The TechieMedia Conference not only served as a showcase but also as an arena for competition, featuring the Short Film Competition, Animation & Motion Graphic Competition, and Software Development Competition. The submissions for each category were highly competitive, putting the judges in the unenviable position of choosing the winners based on criteria that included technical prowess, creativity, and innovation.

Let us take a moment to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our talented winners:

Short Film Competition

  • Gold Award: Carla Ryu (Diploma in Mass Communication)
  • Silver Award: Munirah Syarwani As-Syahab binti Ibrahim (Diploma in Mass Communication)
  • Bronze Award: Arwen Zahra Raess (Diploma in Mass Communication)

Animation & Motion Graphic Competition

  • Gold Award: Karen Law Wen Qi (Diploma in Creative Multimedia)
  • Silver Award: Clinton Wong Chee How (Diploma in Creative Multimedia)
  • Bronze Award: Muhammad Azry Danial bin Jeffry (Diploma in Creative Multimedia)

Software Development Competition

  • Gold Award: Nicolas Kho Xiang Kai (Diploma in Information Technology)
  • Silver Award: Sim Ye Siang (Diploma in Information Technology)
  • Bronze Award: Azeem Razeed bin Razak and Lai Mok Fung (Diploma in Information Technology)

Moreover, the conference provided a platform for students from the Diploma in Mass Communication programme to present their research proposals, offering a glimpse into diverse research perspectives within the communication field. Sim Kan San delved into the intriguing realm of memes and their visual impact on audiences, while Victoria Kon Siew Chien explored the nuances of gender roles in Malaysian advertising. Meanwhile, Loh Zou Yin’s research focused on personal disclosure in social media, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of online communication.

In addition to these research presentations, participants from the Short Film and Software Development Competitions captivated the audience with their projects and creations. To cap off this eventful day, the prestigious Best Presenter Award was bestowed upon Loh Zou Yin, a student from the Diploma in Mass Communication programme.

As we reflect on the success of the TechieMedia Conference 2023, it’s clear that its impact goes beyond the accolades and awards. The sense of camaraderie and collaboration that permeated the event is a testament to the spirit of innovation and creativity that thrives within our student community.

Looking ahead, let us use the momentum generated by this conference to drive further innovation and collaboration. The TechieMedia Conference 2023 may have drawn to a close, but its spirit lives on in the hearts and minds of every student, faculty member, and attendee who was fortunate enough to be a part of it. Here’s to many more years of pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and celebrating the power of student innovation.

About the Author:  


Programme Leader, School of Communication & Creative Design, SEGi College Sarawak  

Nabillah, a Programme Leader of the School of Communication & Creative Design at SEGi College Sarawak, possesses a career that effortlessly intertwines the education sector with the dynamic communication industry, bestowing her with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In the course of her professional journey, Nabillah has consistently reached the pinnacle of excellence. Her varied roles, which include serving as a Corporate Affairs Lead and Marketing Executive, have been crucibles for refining her skills in communication strategies. Her impressive expertise spans a broad spectrum, covering workplace communication, interpersonal skills, and the art of public speaking.  




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