Successful alumni: Brendan Bong Soon Leong, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

By Ms Candy Chong, Programme Leader, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

As lecturers, our concern is not only our progressing students, but also the students who have graduated. SEGi College Sarawak’s Faculty of Allied Health recently invited an alumni from our Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, Brendan Bong Soon Leong, for a short interview session with the programme leader.


Candy:             “What field are you currently working in?”

Brendan:         “I am working as a Medical Laboratory Technologist at Navipath Laboratory Kuching, under the department of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).”

Candy:             “In your opinion, what was the main criteria that helped you to get your current job?”

Brendan:         “Obviously, my college education at SEGi was instrumental in securing me this job that I love. Also, SEGi taught me to be proactive and confident, to be skilled at problem-solving, and to have good communication skills, all of which are essential in my job.”

Candy:             “Is your current job directly related to your previous study? Briefly describe.”

Brendan:         “Yes, definitely. Everything that I learned from the programme helps me to carry out my daily tasks effectively. I am able to apply what I learned to my work.”

Candy:             “Do you feel that college adequately prepared you for the real world? Why?”

Brendan:         “Yes. My college provided education gave me the requisite knowledge and skills to equip me adequately to meet market needs.”

Candy:             “Use one word to describe your learning experience at SEGi College Sarawak.”

Brendan:         “FANTASTIC!”

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