Students shine at SEGi College Sarawak’s public-speaking competition

Students of SEGi College Sarawak spoke of their Malaysian pride and hopes and dreams in SEGi’s Open-Day Public-Speaking Competition last Friday.

The theme of the competition was “Malaysia”. The competitors spoke about why they were proud to be Malaysians and about their dreams for the nation’s future. The speakers were given five minutes each to present their speeches. They were judged on content, creativity and style.

Harris Kueh Ren emerged as the champion with his speech “Malaysia, I Am Proud of Her”. He spoke of his journey of self-discovery and how this taught him to appreciate his home country. Clarence Anak Laurence and Danny Kuek finished as the first and second runners-up, respectively. The judges for this competition were trainers from the Malaysian Human Resources Development Fund, Rudy Ujang, Haritharan Devanthran, and Samuel Desmond Tuah.

The SEGi Public Speaking and Debating Club organised the competition, which is dedicated to teaching students how to improve their public speaking and communication skills through speech and debating classes. Anyone interested in attending these classes (free for SEGi students) is welcome to email [email protected]


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