Students Make a Difference in Mental Health

In a remarkable display of compassion and commitment to mental health education, 20 students from SEGi College Sarawak’s Diploma in Healthcare programme recently embarked on a transformative charity initiative. Visiting the Mental Health Association of Sarawak, their mission was twofold: to gain practical insights into mental health issues and to underscore the importance of empathy in healthcare practice. 

Led by Mdm. Remy, Group Home Manager, the students began with informative presentations on Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, two prevalent mental health conditions. These sessions provided invaluable learning opportunities, deepening the students’ understanding of these complex illnesses. 

Transitioning from theory to action, the students actively engaged in charity work under the association’s guidance. Through cleaning activities and community service initiatives, they demonstrated their dedication to supporting mental health initiatives and promoting well-being within the community. 

This hands-on experience not only reinforced the importance of empathy in healthcare but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards mental health advocacy. It was a pivotal learning experience for the students, combining educational sessions with practical engagement to deepen their understanding and enhance their ability to provide compassionate care. 

SEGi College Sarawak’s commitment to holistic education and community engagement shines through initiatives like these, reinforcing its reputation for academic excellence and social responsibility. Such experiences empower students to become empathetic and competent healthcare professionals, equipped to make a positive impact in society. 

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