Students’ Dedication Elevates Learning Spaces

A group of students at SEGi College Sarawak took on the challenge of relocating eight PCs from Lab 1 to the Multimedia Lab on 25 April. This ambitious project, undertaken with precision and coordination, showcased the students’ commitment to enhancing their learning environment. 

Facing a tight deadline before the scheduled Multimedia class at 2 pm, the students swiftly disassembled the components of each PC, including monitors, cables, mouse, and keyboard. With careful planning and cooperation, they transported the equipment to the Multimedia Lab, where they efficiently reassembled the PCs in just under an hour. 

Not content with merely relocating the PCs, the students went the extra mile by taking the initiative to clean the tables in Lab 1, ensuring a pristine workspace for their peers. This attention to detail not only reflects their dedication but also highlights their commitment to fostering a conducive learning atmosphere. 

This successful endeavour is a testament to the students’ teamwork, efficiency, and initiative. By completing the relocation and cleanup within the allotted timeframe, they have demonstrated their capability to tackle challenges beyond the classroom setting. Their efforts contribute significantly to the smooth operation of the labs and enhance the overall learning experience for all students at SEGi College Sarawak. 

This initiative aligns with SEGi College Sarawak’s commitment to providing a dynamic and supportive learning environment. As a leading institution in Malaysia, SEGi continually encourages students to engage in hands-on projects that develop their skills and character. This successful PC relocation project stands as a shining example of SEGi students’ excellence and dedication. 

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