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SEGi College Sarawak’s Faculty of Business and Accountancy (FOBA) recently hosted a captivating sharing session by My Team Stars, a distinguished subsidiary of Graphite Business Advisers. This event provided invaluable insights into evolving work environments and career opportunities for students.  

With a total attendance of 4 guest speakers from My Team Stars, 5 lecturers, and 24 students from various programmes, the session aimed to enrich students’ understanding of the dynamic business landscape. My Team Stars, renowned for its tailored outsourcing services in Australia, offered students an exclusive glimpse into diverse career paths within the realms of accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and administration.  

The guest speakers, including Henry Chen, Flora Weli, Ng Yen Ding, and Terisa Jose, shared their expertise on topics ranging from workplace dynamics to taxation regulations in Australia. Students gained invaluable insights into industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, propelling them towards informed career choices and aspirations.  

A highlight of the event was the interactive Q&A session, where students received personalized guidance and advice from the speakers, fostering a sense of inspiration and motivation to excel in their chosen fields. The session concluded with a heartfelt award ceremony, where certificates of appreciation were bestowed upon the guest speakers, acknowledging their exceptional contributions to the profession.  

SEGi College Sarawak remains committed to providing enriching opportunities that bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences, empowering students to become future leaders in the accounting and business sectors. With events like these, SEGi continues to uphold its reputation for academic excellence and industry relevance, nurturing the talents of tomorrow’s workforce. 

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