SEGi’s CNY Open House Bridges Cultures and Fosters Community Spirit

In a dazzling display of cultural harmony and community cohesion, SEGi College Sarawak hosted its annual Chinese New Year (CNY) open house on the auspicious day of 23 February 2024. The event, held at the college premises, transcended cultural boundaries, bringing together a diverse array of students, staff, and local community members in a jubilant celebration of unity.

Kicking off the festivities were mesmerizing lion dances that filled the air with fervour, complemented by the spirited crackle of firecrackers, igniting the festive spirit. The rhythmic beats of the drums and the graceful movements of the lions enthralled the audience, setting the stage for a day infused with cultural richness and camaraderie.

However, the true highlight of the occasion was the heartwarming exchange of community blessings among attendees, fostering a profound sense of togetherness and shared heritage. Both staff and students enthusiastically participated, symbolising not only unity but also prosperity for the SEGi community. This inclusive celebration served as a symbolic bridge, connecting individuals from diverse backgrounds through the common threads of culture and tradition.

As the event reached its conclusion, participants engaged in the traditional Yee Sang toss, symbolising hopes for abundance and prosperity in the upcoming year. This symbolic gesture not only reinforced the spirit of optimism but also underscored the college’s unwavering commitment to embracing cultural diversity and fostering a sense of belonging among its members.

Reflecting on the event, organisers expressed their delight at the overwhelming response from the community. It was thrilling to witness such enthusiastic participation from our students, staff, and the local community. Events like these are integral to SEGi’s mission of promoting cultural understanding and fostering a sense of unity among our diverse community members.

SEGi College Sarawak stands as a beacon of cultural diversity, where differences are not only celebrated but cherished. Through events like the CNY open house, the college remains steadfast in its dedication to creating an inclusive environment that resonates with the spirit of unity and shared joy.

As the day concluded, participants departed with hearts full of warmth and cherished memories, leaving behind a palpable impact that transcended cultural boundaries and resonated throughout the SEGi community and beyond.


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