SEGi’s certificate students drive change with successful health promotion

Health Promotion and Education, a subject offered to Certificate in Science students at SEGi, takes centre stage in empowering individuals to improve their health.  

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health promotion goes beyond individual behaviour and encompasses social and environmental interventions. In line with this concept, a group of Certificate students organised a successful health promotion activity at Taman Sahabat Kuching, showcasing their knowledge and skills acquired from the subject. 

The activity consisted of three engaging components designed to promote the importance of public involvement in health promotion. Firstly, participants engaged in rubbish collection and segregation, equipped with garbage bags and plastic gloves. This exercise aimed to raise awareness about environmental cleanliness and its impact on public health. 

Next, participants embarked on a walk along the “path of good health,” featuring a walkway adorned with stones. This activity promoted overall blood circulation and encouraged participants to prioritise physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. 

Lastly, participants had the opportunity to feed the fish in the pond, highlighting the significance of maintaining a balanced ecosystem. This activity emphasized the interconnection between human health and the environment. 

The students not only successfully executed these activities but also gained valuable experience in planning, conducting, and evaluating a health promotion campaign. This hands-on approach solidified their understanding of the subject matter and equipped them with practical skills for future endeavours. 

The event ended with a group photo session, capturing the enthusiasm and camaraderie among the participants. This health promotion campaign demonstrated SEGi’s commitment to providing holistic education that empowers students to make a positive impact on society. 

SEGi believes in equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to address public health challenges. By organising this impactful health promotion activity, these Certificate students showcased their dedication to promoting public health and inspiring others to take charge of their well-being. 

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