SEGi law students explore legal hub at Attorney General’s Chambers

A group of enthusiastic law students from SEGi College Sarawak, led by the SEGi Moot & Law Society (SMLS) organising committee and accompanied by lecturers from the SEGi Faculty of Law, embarked on a remarkable educational journey to the Attorney General’s Chambers of Malaysia (AGC) in Putrajaya on 14 August 2023. 

The AGC, nestled in the Federal Territory of Putrajaya, serves as the hub for the government’s legal counsel at the federal level. It plays a pivotal role in representing the country, government departments, and officers in both prosecution and defense in court cases. Furthermore, the AGC serves as the country’s law commission, conducting vital research and providing recommendations for law reform. 

The visit, hosted by officers from the Strategic Communications Unit of AGC, Mohd Hafizuddin and Nurul Izwani, proved to be an eye-opening experience for the law students. Muhammad Firdaus Zariza, from the Human Resource Management Section, provided a comprehensive briefing on the powers and duties of the Attorney General (AG), as outlined in Article 145 of the Federal Constitution. The roles of the AG, Public Prosecutor, Deputy Public Prosecutors, Solicitor General, and the overall contributions of AGC were elucidated during the session. 

The engagement concluded with a lively ‘Question & Answer’ session and a delightful high tea, setting the stage for a tour of the AGC library. Divided into two sections, the library houses an extensive collection of law books, including legislative texts, case law reports, and various secondary sources of legal materials. Students were captivated by the wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. 

The Special Collection Division of the library, explained by Mohd Haris, showcased the intricate process of manual editing of statute books. Officers demonstrated live examples of cross-checking and making amendments to the first edition of relevant Acts of Parliament, emphasizing the importance of staying abreast of legal updates. 

The field trip concluded with a group photography session, and the SEGi College Sarawak Faculty of Law presented a certificate of appreciation to the AGC for their warm reception and informative sessions. The AGC officers expressed their excitement, highlighting that SEGi College Sarawak is the first academic group from East Malaysia to visit their office. 

This visit not only provided students with invaluable industrial exposure but also strengthened the ties between academic institutions and the legal profession. SEGi College Sarawak’s Faculty of Law, along with the SMLS, has set a pioneering example by being the first academic delegation from East Malaysia to engage with the AGC, showcasing the institution’s commitment to providing students with diverse and enriching learning experiences. 

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