SEGi College Sarawak’s lecturers gain insights from visit to SK Kampung Nyelitak, Simunjan

By Ms Laura, Programme Leader, Faculty of Education and Social Sciences

SEGi College Sarawak’s team of Psychology, Law, English and Early Childhood Education lecturers from the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences took a three-hour drive on 4 August to SK Kampung Nyelitak, Simunjan, to gain insights on education outside of the city. This school was specifically chosen because one of the college’s Diploma in Early Childhood Education student having a special internship there.

The group drove into the rural areas along small and winding roads amidst the forests, where there were no mobile networks and thus no Internet connectivity. They had to ask the friendly villagers for directions to the school when they were lost, where the Principal, Mr Janting, greeted them.

During the visit, the ECE team went into the classroom to observe the intern conducting lessons. The children were curious, peeking from their classroom windows, but quickly sat down at their desks when they received stern stares from their teachers.   It was interesting for the city lecturers to see the rural school setting and to observe the obedient and interested children in the intern’s lessons.

The Principal and school staff took the group for lunch, a home-cooked meal prepared by the Administrative Student Officer. He mentioned that one of their biggest challenges was bad Internet connection. ‘What is the point of having professional development training in teaching using online-class strategies when we do not have a strong Wi-Fi connection?’ To make up for this, the teachers have to improvise and prepare homework activities for the students to take home, so they do not forget lessons learned in class.

It was an eye-opening experience for the group of lecturers who had previously not been to a rural learning centre. As a token of thanks for the visit and for providing the internship opportunity, SEGi donated stationeries to the sixty students in the school, which the Principal and staff appreciated. ‘We rarely have special visitors, and we thank you, SEGi College, for paying us a visit,’ said the Principal.

As part of our commitment to excellence in education, SEGi College Sarawak is continuously looking for new and enlightening experiences for our students and lecturers.

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