SEGi College Sarawak X U Mobile

The #telco industry is one of the most fast-paced and competitive industries in Malaysia. The common belief is that it a highly price-driven industry, customers flock to where the cheapest offerings are – but is that really the case? Are there any other deciding factors that could help a brand stand out?

SEGi Group of Colleges is partnering with U Mobile, one of the market leaders in the Malaysian telco industry in our latest #SEGixIndustry collaboration for a real-world project with our Diploma in Business students undertaking the Business Communication subject. This real-world assignment project will require students, as part of their assignment, to research, analyse and propose a communications plan that will help U Mobile stand out amongst its competitors.

“Every time I see a telco advertisement online, I always wonder how the inner-workings of a telco brand are, their thought processes, how they come out with different plans and promotions. It is so exciting now that I get to work with U Mobile and experience in real life what it is like to work for a telco company, ” said Boon Hee, a Diploma in Business Student at SEGi College Subang Jaya involved in the project.

With the assignment briefing done, let’s get our engine started and go to work 🔥 Students, all the best in your assignment, see you in your final presentation! As always, do well and excel!

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