SEGi College Sarawak leads the way in mental health education with visit to MHAS

SEGi College Sarawak’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health organized an educational visit to the Mental Health Association of Sarawak (MHAS) to increase students’ awareness about mental health and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.  

The visit involved 15 Diploma in Healthcare (DIHC) students and 7 Certificate in Science (CIS) students, who were welcomed by Madam Remy Inggor, the Group Home Care Manager, and other staff members. MHAS provides a wide range of services, including counselling, therapy, medication management, and support groups, and creates a welcoming and friendly environment for people to talk about their mental health issues. 

Madam Remy mentioned that mental health is a sensitive topic, and many people are reluctant to discuss it. The students were given a tour of the facility and took the DASS test to learn more about their mental health. They also had the chance to meet with MHAS residents and participate in a Q&A session where they shared their mental health experiences. 

The educational visit to MHAS was an enlightening experience for the students, emphasizing the significance of mental health and its consequences for the individual, family, and society. The visit provided an opportunity for the students to learn more about mental health and its related services, as well as gain a deeper understanding of how MHAS supports individuals with mental health issues. 

SEGi College Sarawak continues to provide students with opportunities to gain practical experience and learn beyond the classroom setting. By providing students with a first-hand experience with organizations like MHAS, the institution prepares students to become more compassionate and empathetic healthcare professionals. 


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