SEGi Alumni: Timothy Thomson Anak Tambi, Diploma in Healthcare

By Ms Candy Chong, Programme Leader, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

SEGi College Sarawak Faculty of Allied Health recently invited our alumni from the Diploma in Healthcare, Timothy Thomson Anak Tambi, for a short interview session with the programme leader.

Candy:             “What field are you currently working in?”

Timothy:          “I am working in the medical field at Columbia Asia Hospital Bintulu as an operation technician in the Operation Theatre Department.”

Candy:             “In your opinion, what was the main criteria that helped you to be selected for your current job?”

Timothy:          “During my internship, I put all the knowledge and skills that SEGi College Sarawak had taught me to good use, and I did everything to the very best of my ability. Internship was easy for me because I’m the kind of person who likes to learn new things. I gave every task my very best. And here I am today.”

Candy:             “Is your current job directly related to your previous study? Briefly describe.”

Timothy:          “Yes, indeed it is! For example, the subject of Anatomy and Physiology  explored the eleven human body systems, which is very much related to my job right now.”

Candy:             “Do you feel that your college education at SEGi College adequately prepared you to perform this job? Why?”

Timothy:         “Yes. The programme covered the subjects that are much very relevant to my current job. The lecturers taught me more than sufficient knowledge and skills in every subject, equipping me with the ability and confidence to perform my duties effectively. ”

Candy:             “Use one word to describe your learning experience with SEGi College Sarawak.”

Brendan:         “EXCELLENT!”

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