SEGi alumni: Ryan Julia William, Diploma in Culinary Arts

By Ms Candy Chong, Programme Leader, Faculty of Hospitality

There is saying that goes, “You will never starve if you know how to cook.” Cooking is indeed a skill that everyone ought to learn, and it will never go out of fashion. SEGi College Sarawak’s Faculty  of Hospitality recently invited one of our alumni from the Diploma in Culinary Arts, Ryan Julia William, for a short interview session with the Programme Leader.

Candy:             “What field are you currently working in?”

Ryan  :             “I am currently working in the food and beverage helped industry as branch restaurant manager.”

Candy:             “In your opinion, what is the main criteria that helped you get your current job?”

Ryan  :             “I believe that my qualifications obtained from SEGi College and my passion for the F&B industry were the deciding factors.”

Candy:             “Is your current job directly related to your previous study? Briefly describe.”

Ryan  :             “Yes, it is. The syllabus in the SEGi College Diploma in Culinary is very much related to what I am doing now. For example, the subject Restaurant Management taught me a lot about management in the industry. It has helped me to perform my job effectively and confidently.”

Candy:             “Do you feel that your college education and experience have adequately prepared you for working life? Why?”

Ryan  :              “Yes, because SEGi provides me with experienced lecturers who guided and equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills.”

Candy:             “Use one word to describe your learning experience with SEGi College Sarawak.”

Ryan  :             “Please allow me to describe SEGi College Sarawak with more than one word. It is a fun place to study. The lecturers are wonderful, they prepared comprehensive notes for us and taught us to learn proactively. They shared with us their working experiences when they were attached to the industry. Everything they taught me makes me want to learn even more and to always become better.”

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