Public speaking – how to boost confidence?

Public speaking can be quite challenging for some people. We tend to spend more energy focusing on the words we are saying at a presentation and less on how we are communicating it. Here are some proven techniques to make you feel confident when speaking to your audience.

Use cue cards to organise your key points and number your cards to stay on track with your slides. The way we hold our body can change the level of power and confidence we feel as a presenter, so use body language and gestures – adopting a straight body posture with a smile is often a good way to look like you are on top of your game as a presenter. Hand expressions can also be used to show your confidence to the audience.

The key to getting all of this right is to rehearse your presentation and identify the areas that need improvement. A good tip is to rehearse in front of peers and receive feedback on your presentation style. This will make a big difference between winning your audience over or losing them before the presentation ends.

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