Outdoor Class – Movie Appreciation: Exploring Culture and Ideology

Film appreciation is an essential aspect of a Diploma in Mass Communication, and students often delve deep into the world of cinema to understand the intricacies of storytelling and the art of filmmaking. Recently, students in this programme had a unique opportunity for an outdoor class, where they embarked on a cinematic journey to appreciate a movie in a traditional cinema setting. The primary goal of this outing was to expose students to movie analysis, encompassing everything from the setting to the technical aspects of filmmaking.

The chosen film for this extraordinary outdoor class was “Moscow Mission”, a compelling cinematic masterpiece that delves into the real-life train robbery of 1993. Starring Andy Lau, a renowned Hong Kong actor, the movie takes the audience on a thrilling ride through a story of intrigue, heists, and complex characters. However, the focus of the analysis was not solely on the plot but also on the cultural and ideological elements woven into the film, given its intriguing setting in both China and Russia.

Skills Gained:

Movie Technicalities: As students embarked on this outdoor class, they had the opportunity to scrutinise the technical aspects of filmmaking. This included understanding cinematography, sound design, editing, and the role of visual effects in creating a cinematic masterpiece. By analysing the film in a cinema setting, students could witness these technicalities come to life on the big screen.

Enhanced Understanding of Movie Making in Different Cultures: “Moscow Mission” served as an excellent example of how movies from different cultural backgrounds can offer unique storytelling experiences. The blending of Chinese and Russian cultures, evident in the film, opened the door to an enriching cross-cultural exploration. Students gained insight into how these cultural nuances influenced character development, dialogue, and overall narrative.

Intercultural Communication: The film’s setting and storyline allowed students to delve into the realm of intercultural communication. By immersing themselves in the movie, they were exposed to interaction dynamics between characters from different cultural backgrounds. This experience fostered a deeper appreciation of the importance of effective communication, especially in cross-cultural contexts.

Ideology from Different Locations and Perspectives: Understanding a film’s cultural and ideological underpinnings is critical in film appreciation. The outdoor class enabled students to dissect the underlying ideologies present in “Moscow Mission” and how the specific settings influenced them in China and Russia. This exploration led to thought-provoking discussions on the impact of location and perspective on a film’s narrative. 

The outdoor class dedicated to movie appreciation was a valuable experience for Diploma in Mass Communication students. It allowed them to hone their skills in understanding movie technicalities, explore the nuances of filmmaking in different cultures, and delve into the world of intercultural communication and diverse ideological perspectives. “Moscow Mission” served as a captivating canvas for these learning experiences, reminding students that movies are not only a source of entertainment but also a rich medium for cultural exchange and introspection.

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Programme Leader, School of Communication & Creative Design, SEGi College Sarawak

Nabillah, a Programme Leader of the School of Communication & Creative Design at SEGi College Sarawak, possesses a career that effortlessly intertwines the education sector with the dynamic communication industry, bestowing her with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. In the course of her professional journey, Nabillah has consistently reached the pinnacle of excellence. Her varied roles, which include serving as a Corporate Affairs Lead and Marketing Executive, have been crucibles for refining her skills in communication strategies. Her impressive expertise spans a broad spectrum, covering workplace communication, interpersonal skills, and the art of public speaking.



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