Leading the Way in Special Education

SEGi College Sarawak’s Faculty of Education and Social Sciences invited Madam Wendy Mandau, Principal of PERKATA (Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Terencat Akal Sarawak), delved into the evolving landscape of special education. Focused on Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education, Madam Wendy highlighted the innovative curriculum approach practiced at PERKATA school, emphasising the empowerment of students aged 4 to 18 to develop essential life skills. This commitment to fostering independence reflects SEGi’s dedication to providing holistic education experiences. 

At the core of PERKATA’s ethos lies a dedication to equality education, creating an inclusive environment where every student, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, is valued and respected. Madam Wendy’s insights underscored the importance of providing equal opportunities for all students, aligning with SEGi’s ethos of inclusivity and diversity. 

Despite these strides, Madam Wendy acknowledged the challenges in implementing special needs curriculum, particularly the need for personalized support and tailored resources. She stressed the importance of continuous professional development for educators and ongoing research to adapt to evolving trends in special education, showcasing SEGi’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation. 

The presentation sparked meaningful discussions among SEGi’s students and lecturers, highlighting the collective effort to overcome systemic barriers and ensure quality education for all. By addressing these challenges head-on, SEGi reaffirms its position as a leader in fostering inclusive learning environments and prioritising the holistic development of students with special needs. 

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