Inter-Faculty cooking competition 2021 organised by the Aspiring Hospitality Club

By Mr. Gregory Poh, Lecturer, Faculty of Hospitality

This Inter-Faculty Cooking Competition 2021 was organised in conjunction with World Food Day 2021. This event is the first competition organised by the Aspiring Hospitality Club of SEGi College Sarawak.

 The competition took place on Thursday, 28th October 2021 in the Main Kitchen, SEGi College Sarawak, Branch Campus, from 9.00am to 12.30pm. The food judging and awards presentation venue was in the Mock Restaurant of SEGi College Sarawak, Branch Campus from 1.00pm to 2.00pm. For this competition event, the theme was “Black Box”.

 The purpose of organising the event was to strengthen the relationship among the students from the different faculties, to broadcast their talents, to allow them to gain valuable life skills by working as a team and gain confidence by presenting and speaking about their recipes through communication skills, and to increase student participation in a work-based learning environment. For the competition, eight students from different faculties participated. The committee members were given an opportunity to hold the event and each of them was given a position in the event.

 There were five teams from five different faculties who participated in the competition, namely, the Faculty of Hospitality, the Faculty of Allied Health, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Education & Social Science, and the Faculty in Business, Accountancy, and IT. The Champion, 1st Runner Up, and 2nd Runner Up were all given medals and certificates, and for the consolation prizes, the participants received certificates as well.


The winners were as follows:

Champion – Elizabeth Elam Anak George and Kelvin Anak Addlyena from the Faculty of Allied Health

1st Prize – Norman George from the Faculty of Law

2nd Prize – Marchellinnie Gracia Letie Donny and Bryan Yeo from the Faculty of Hospitality

Consolation – Iman Jasmin from the Faculty of Business, Accountancy, and IT

Consolation – Bryan Wong Chee Tou and & Bripney Chung San Ya from the Faculty of Education & Social Science


Overall, the event was a great success. Thanks to all the participants and the Aspiring Hospitality Club. On behalf of the Aspiring Hospitality Club Committee, congratulations to all the winners in this Inter-Faculty Cooking Competition 2021.

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