Law guest lecture by Bintulu Port Authority

By Samuel Desmond Tuah Anak Rudolph Kenn, Lecturer, Faculty of Law


As part of the SEGi initiative to be more industry-driven, we have decided to bring industry into the classroom, and one of these methods is inviting industry experts to provide guest lectures to our students in class. Last week, we invited Mr. Shan Wen Singh Chal to give a guest lecture to our students on Contract Law.

Shan, who is always keen on educating future lawyers in the profession and eager to help fellow Segians, agreed. Shan is a Senior Executive and Compliance Group Legal Counsel for Bintulu Port Bhd and his wealth of experience is of great value to our students.

In the lesson, the students found that while things may be simple in theory, they are often difficult in reality. The students questioned Shan on topics such as how it is to work in a firm, what skills are valued in the legal corporate world, and, perhaps most importantly, what attitude is valued in the legal corporate world. While the students could arguably Google-search these, it was obvious by listening to the stories Shan had to share that this was far more fascinating to them.

Days later, we noticed a bit more determination in their steps and a resurgence of their motivation to study. Then we realised that guest lecturers can not only provide students with real-world perspectives on their chosen profession, but they can also remind them of why they are studying so hard – a reminder of what they could become.

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