Edu-Hospitality: online housekeeping learning with Prestige Hotel Penang

By Mr. Gregory Poh, Lecturer, Faculty of Hospitality

SEGi College recently organised a housekeeping-management online class with Prestige Hotel Penang as part of the partial fulfilment of our Diploma in Hotel Management students’ Housekeeping Management subject. This was the first online class for the students.

The class took place on Thursday 17th March 2022 from 10.00am to 11.00am through Microsoft Teams. The attendees were members of the SEGi College Group’s Faculty of Hospitality academic team and the students from the Diploma in Hotel Management.

The purpose of organizing this online class is to let the student to gain more knowledge and skills to understand about job profession of housekeeping, the standard operating procedure (SOP) for housekeeping department, and to bring the student from theory class learning to practical based real-life industry experience.

The class began with a welcome address by the programme leader of Faculty of Hospitality of SEGi College Sarawak, followed by Mr Achmad from Prestige Hotel Penang’s brief on the background of Prestige Hotel Penang and a presentation on the functions and basic standard operating procedures of the Housekeeping department, and concluded with a Q&A session.

Basically, the Standard Operating Procedure applies to each of the hotel’s departments. The purpose of applying the Standard Operating Procedure is to have proper and standard arrangements so that the teams will have proper guidelines and carry out their tasks correctly every time.

For the Housekeeping Department, the basic Standard Operating Procedure is as follows:

  1. It is a set of checklists, where housekeepers can tick off each step of the cleaning process as the housekeepers make their way through each room.
  2. Standard Operating Procedures also document workflows which ensure that housekeepers can complete tasks in a particular order to ensure efficiency and safety.
  3. Standard Operating Procedures help the hotel’s housekeeping team monitor performance management or accountability.
  4. Standard Operating Procedures for the housekeeping department ensures quality control and consistency.
  5. Safety Standard Operating Procedures for housekeeping department ensure safety standards.
  6. Housekeeping Standard Operating Procedures are used for for training new staff.

Overall, the online class ran smoothly and it was a remarkable success. Thanks to the team from SEGi College Group and the students from Diploma in Hotel Management for participating in the class. Everyone had a wonderful time in the class.

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