Edu-Hospitality: bringing our housekeeping-management class to Hilton Hotel Kuching

SEGi College Sarawak’s Faculty of Hospitality under Mr Gregory Poh of the Housekeeping Management Class organised a visit to Hilton Hotel Kuching on Friday 25 March 2022 from 2.30pm to 4.00pm at Hilton Hotel Kuching with the participation of five students from the Diploma in Hospitality who are taking the subject of the Housekeeping Management class, accompanied by three lecturers.

The main objectives of this visit was to give the students an opportunity to experience real-life working industry experience in the hotel housekeeping department, to gain more knowledge and skills on how to become a professional housekeeper, to learn the standard operating procedure (SOP) for making guest bedrooms and bathrooms, especially in light of the COVID-19.

According to the Executive Housekeeper of Hilton Hotel Kuching, before the maids clean a guest room, the SOP is to sanitise each room, ensuring that everyone is always safe. According to the Senior Human Resource Manager, Ms Angela Chai,  the Hilton Hotel Kuching adheres to the green environment policy, which means that all amenities will be recycled.

This study visit to the Hilton Hotel Kuching began with greetings and an introduction by Chai. The students were taken to view two types of rooms, namely the Agong Suite and a deluxe room. After the briefing, the first room that visited was Agong Suite. When viewing the Agong Suite, the Executive Housekeeper, Mdm Yin, introduced the housekeeping cart and its contents. She also briefed the students on the amenities for recycling. After that, the students visited a Deluxe Room.

While in the guest rooms, Mdm Yin taught the students how to make up o room in the correct manner, such as how to remove dirty bed linen and put on clean ones, how to fold the bed linen, duvet, duvet cover and pillowcase according to the Hilton Hotel brand SOP.

This hands-on learning visit to the Housekeeping Department of Hilton Hotel Kuching was very insightful and great fun for the students of the Diploma in Hotel Management.

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