Christabelle does SEGi proud

By Mr. David Bong, Programme Leader, Faculty of Law & Ms. Christabelle Joelle Then, LLB (Hons) Graduate.

SEGi College Sarawak proudly congratulates Ms Christabelle Joelle Then on her achievement of the University of London’s Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with Second Class Honours, First Division.

“How much hard work does it take for a student to succeed?”

I do not have an exact answer to this, but there are some personal experiences and tips that I find useful in helping me achieve a 2:1 in the LLB. The following do not only help in achieving good grades but are also important lessons that I have developed along the journey of my pursuit.

NEVER BE AFRAID TO ASK WHAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Share your thoughts and questions with your lecturers. Lecturers appreciate students who care enough to voice their opinions. Students who ask questions stand a chance to be the smartest because they can either gain extra knowledge from the discussion or have a deeper understanding and a clearer image of what is taught.

Be bold enough to admit what you do not know and to pose as many relevant questions as possible.

ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS AND KNOW YOUR STUDY METHOD. Paying attention in class is respectful to the lecturers who put effort into preparing the lessons and saves you the time spent on self-studying later because learning a topic from zero requires so much more work.

Always take your notes during class because using your understanding and choice of words makes your life easier during revision. They will supplement the lectures’ notes and ideas in class and in the textbooks.

Most importantly, attempt the past-year questions and get feedback from lecturers because this habit will secure more than 50% of your marks in the final exam. They will familiarise you with how the exam questions are usually phrased and the key contents required from students.

KNOW WHAT IS IMPORTANT OTHER THAN STUDYING. Besides being a responsible student and acting according to your study schedule, you must take care of your well-being. It is normal to feel burnout and experience breakdowns while studying. Prioritise your mental health, put aside the expectations of others, and do your best.

Avoid studying at the last minute and burning the midnight oil the night before exam day. It is a dreadful and helpless study technique. During Year 3, I experienced anxiety-induced insomnia, which turned into a vicious cycle for months. Toxic productivity is also something I had a tough time overcoming, finding myself studying for the entire day but still feeling inadequate. The truth is, actual productivity can only last for a few hours with short breaks in between; even if you can sit and read for the whole day, it does not necessarily mean you absorb more than a person who reads for two hours. I overcame these challenges by accepting that no one is ever fully prepared for an exam, so do not be too hard on yourself trying to be all-time productive. Live your life, spend time with your family and friends, exercise, and take a breather from books. You deserve good meals and adequate rest.

I owe a big thank you to the fantastic lecturers at SEGi College Sarawak, my mentors, my family and friends, whose support meant the world to me, and I could not have made it without them. It was not an easy journey, I struggled and wanted to give up at times, but it was all worth it in the end. It is never too late to work on your goals. Hang in there, embrace what comes along the way, and you will get there.


If you are interested in obtaining a law qualification, SEGi College Sarawak is the only college with a faculty that provides legal education in East Malaysia. The college offers teaching of the UK University of London LLB and the SEGi Diploma in Law programmes. We also offer the A-Level programme, a pre-university qualification from Pearson Edexcel International, UK.

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