By Felicia Loo Ragai, Lecturer, Faculty of Education & Social Sciences


Pandemic. A word that we have been hearing for the past two years. It is a reminder of how much all of us have struggled with many things, such as the loss of business, being jobless, losing a home, and the worst of all, losing someone you love.


For a long time, we thought that all hope was gone, but the situation took a turn. Cases slowly went down, people slowly took their much-needed vaccinations and boosters, and borders started to open with SOPs that began to give a little more leniency. And our children were finally able to go to school and meet their friends.


But wait, people are still scared. The past two years was a dark memory for us all, so naturally Malaysians have been working hard to pick up the pieces and prepare for whatever lies ahead. Some of us have to work longer hours for over-time pay or work two or more jobs because taking it easy is simply not an option for now.


Is it alright? Maybe for a while, yes, but for how long?  We feel overwhelmed to the point that we start to show signs of stress and anxiety. When we do take that much-needed break, we are questioned. Is this because of our culture that to have a break is a sense of being soft?


Not at all. You deserve that break. We all do. You do not need to explain yourself. You have gone through enough. If you are reading this, it is a reminder that it is okay to take a break, to rest and to BREATHE.

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