A visit to SEGi College Sarawak by Data Solutions Sdn Bhd.

SEGi College Sarawak had the privilege of having employees from Data Solutions Sdn Bhd visiting our college in February this year. Data Solutions Sdn Bhd is a software development company providing premium customised software and business solutions delivered with world-class performance at af­fordable prices. The company is empowered by a leading team of software and database experts who are continually delivering high-quality software on time. Their headquarter is at Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur. They have two branches, one in Kinta, Perak, and another in Kuching, Sarawak.

Their partnership with industry leaders such as HPE, DELL, Lenovo, Cisco Huawei, Fortinet, etc. gives them the ability to stay ahead and reliably support any workload. They provide efficient, reliable, and highly available storage systems with features ready for tomorrow’s data storage needs.

They have experienced employees specialising in handling server systems, database systems, network infrastructure and providing IT support for the workplace and for schools.

As Sarawak is moving in the right direction of embracing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) and adaptation to new technology, it is timely for the staff and students of SEGi College Sarawak to be exposed to the various IR 4.0 services that are provided by this local company.

During their visit, we discussed various topics of interest, particularly on internship opportunities for our final year students. The company offers internship in IT programming, data processing, administration, and human resource, as well as marketing.

We invited them to hold future roadshows and workshops at our college to raise our students’ awareness on their services. We also plan to partner with them on future events such as our convocations, open days, career fairs and competitions.

During the meeting, we suggested they be one of our Value Corporate Partner. The deal is still under negotiation by both parties.

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