Best Lecturer Awards – June 2021 Semester

SEGi College Sarawak has named Mr. Rudy Ujang & Miss Loh Kim Foong (Ms. Kim) as the recipients of the Best Lecturer Award for the June 2021 semester.

Rudy joined SEGi in 2020 as a Programme Leader for the Faculty of Business in the Accounting and IT Department. He was subsequently appointed as Head of Academics in April 2021.

Rudy loves e-sports (especially FIFA) and playing football and futsal, as well as the guitar. Rudy holds an MBA from UiTM and his expertise is Marketing and Management.

Asked what bit of wisdom he has for his students, he replied: “Those of you who are studying now are in the perfect position to get a head start amidst a pandemic. While others are stalling, all of you are upgrading yourselves. So continue to believe in yourself, because nothing is impossible!”

Ms Loh Kim Foong (Ms. Kim) joined SEGi Sarawak as an English lecturer in January 2021, with twenty-five years of teaching experience to her credit. An avid reader, she cites her favourite hobby as reading (no surprises there).

Her idea of English as a subject is what she shares with every great teacher of language – to practise, and while practising, to keep having fun. One of her students told us that the very thought of learning English used to terrify her, but after having Ms Loh as her teacher, that same student is now always eager to learn more and always excited at the thought of another English lesson with Ms Loh. Ms Loh’s personal love for the language is contagious.

What a wonderful teacher to be able to exude her very own passion for the language to inspire her students.

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