Why Mathematics is related to Information Technology?

Every IT diploma course has at least one Mathematics subject. Most of the students are curious about this: “Why do IT students need to complete the Mathematics subject for their diploma course?” Many of them feel that Mathematics is a difficult and challenging subject. They do not understand the reason how Mathematics would help them during their diploma studies and their daily life.

Students not only learn the basic concept Mathematics like sets, probability and relation from Mathematics, but they will develop the problem-solving skills too. This skill is a soft skill that starts with identifying the problem and determining alternatives solutions as well as selecting the best solution from the list of alternatives. For instance, the students choose the best formula or method to solve the Mathematics questions and get the correct answers. Not only the Mathematics subject, but problem-solving skill is also crucial for our daily life. This skill is a personal strength that would help the students solve their daily problem too. From here, IT students know how to use the best ways to create applications to suit the scenario and help clients solve their problem. Thus, students can enlighten this skill from the Mathematics subject.

On the other hand, students can learn logical thinking skills from the Mathematics subject too. This skill is highly important to students that help them make a decision, solve a problem and generate a creative idea. Besides that, with a good logical thinking skill, students can learn how to do well during the decision-making process. For example, students need to analyse the question and understand the logic before they start to answer the Mathematics questions. Moreover, students come across a big challenge in their daily life which requires logical thinking skills too. It is also same when students are required to analyse the assignment title for other programming subjects before they come up with a creative solution and build up with an application. Consequently, students can train their logical thinking skill through Mathematics subject.

In conclusion, the Mathematics subjects does not only expose students to Mathematics concept, but also train students on their problem-solving and logical thinking skills from this subject. Therefore, avoid those who say that you cannot study the IT course because you are not good in Mathematics. Finally, believe that you can learn everything that you need throughout your life beyond wonders and imagination- because you can.


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