SEGi’s tech talk on Internet of Things (IoT)

SEGi IT Committee organised a virtual IT tech talk on 29 July 2022 on the Microsoft Team platform to introduce new technologies and to encourage and foster a knowledge-sharing culture among the colleges’ IT community.

Mr Mohd Amizar Abdul Majid, a lecturer from the School of Information Technology of Segi College Penang with over five years of expertise in IT, was the speaker of the talk entitled “Internet of Things (IoT)”. He shared the concept of general terminology of IoT which involves the combination of information technology, communication technology, Internet and things that relate to it such as the entities, sensors, and actuators. Mr Amizar also explained the context of IoT technology and its origins in the data science world.

SEGi College continuously plans and organises events that will contribute to enhance knowledge, skills, and general betterment of all its students, and looks forward to having the next IT talk.

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