SEGi’s culinary stars shine bright in challenge 

Cooking competitions at SEGi are more than just culinary showdowns; they’re transformative experiences shaping the future of aspiring chefs. On 24 June 2023, the School of Hospitality Management, in collaboration with Daily Coffee Penang, hosted the Toasty & Mixology Challenge 2023, a platform for six student pairs to showcase their skills and creativity. 

Participation in such competitions is not just about culinary prowess; it’s a pathway to developing problem-solving skills, confidence, and leadership qualities. These events serve as crucibles for cultivating a sense of pride and success among students. 

The Toasty & Mixology Challenge 2023 was not just a culinary spectacle; it also brought exciting rewards. The winners secured substantial dining vouchers – RM 200 for the first prize, RM 150 for the second prize, and RM 100 for the third prize – courtesy of Daily Coffee Penang. 

In essence, this competition was a sensory journey, inviting participants to embrace diverse flavours and celebrate the dynamic world of culinary craftsmanship. Beyond the excitement, college cooking competitions are dynamic arenas fostering innovation and unlocking the potential of emerging chefs. These events provide students with a platform to push their culinary boundaries, showcase their skills, and gain valuable experience. 

SEGi’s commitment to encouraging student participation in such competitions underscores its dedication to nurturing culinary talent. These events not only inspire a newfound passion for culinary excellence but also equip students with lifelong skills that will undoubtedly shape the future of the culinary industry. The Toasty & Mixology Challenge 2023 stands as a testament to SEGi’s role in empowering the next generation of culinary experts. 

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