SEGi’s Culinary Arts students attend seminar by Renowned Chefs

The company U.S. Potatoes recently organised a seminar at St Giles Wembley Penang with the theme “A World of Flavours”, commemorating World Nutrition Day.

Led by two renowned chefs, Chef Steven Long from Vietnam and Chef Federico Micheletto from Italy, the event was held on June 22 and drew Malaysian social media influencers and college students who had a chance to whip up a repertoire of delicious and nutritious dishes using U.S. potatoes as a key ingredient. Chef Muhammad Yazid of SEGi College Penang and six of his culinary arts students were invited to attend.

The seminar began with a sharing session by Chef Steven Long,  who spoke of his experiences as a chef in some of the most prestigious restaurants, resorts and hotels in Vietnam and as a lecturer at the A Au Vocational Guidance School in Vietnam. Chef Long then demonstrated his cooking prowess by using U.S. potatoes to make a nutritious lunch while discussing health and nutrition issues.

Then Chef Federico Michieletto spoke about his work in Malaysia over the past fifteen years and his many successful projects with chefs’ associations. The Executive Chef of the Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Chef Micheletto, also gave a cookery demonstration of making an innovative Italian dish by intergrading traditional recipes with a U.S Pot.

The session was a success; the students gained valuable knowledge from the chefs and enjoyed tasting the dishes made with U.S Potatoes. The participants learned that potatoes are rich in nutrients that provide energy, vitamins, and minerals, making them a healthy dietary choice.

SEGi Culinary Arts students appreciated the seminar, which allowed them to practise their inventive culinary abilities by developing new dishes and menu designs and deeper insights into nutrition.

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