SEGI venturing into E-Sport industry: the first college in Northern Region

SEGi College Penang has taken another major step into venturing E-Sport Industry. With the main objective of promoting healthy and competitive gaming within campus environment, SEGI College Penang collaborated with major players in E-Sport and ICT industry such as Magnus, Ed-Tech Resources, Illegear, Imperion, Razer, Riot Games, Trinity and Phidisk. These players have sponsored the entire E-Sport facilities worth of more than RM100,000. The E-Sport facilities are well equipped with gaming laptops and desktop, gaming chairs and also gaming gadget to enhance the entire e-gaming experience among students.

SEGI College Penang will play an important role in developing students’ characters, critical and strategic thinking, problem solving skills and decision making through E-Sport which is integrated within the exiting curriculum and students’ experience. With E-Sport, the college is also hoping to bring more benefits to students such as improving gaming knowledge and strengthening E-Sport ecosystem in Penang, train and improve gaming senses, reflexes and strategies, build effective teamwork and dynamic team and finally to enable development affective skills such as discipline, leadership, perseverance, communications and others.

The E-Sport facilities will be launched and accessible to all group of students who which to explore outstanding gaming experience within the college environment. Additionally, there will competition gaming competition organized by partner and sponsors to recognized skilful players and provide a platform and opportunity for students to progress and E-Sport Industry.

Two of our SEGi Penang students received the Esports Award under the Youth Excellence Award 2021 from the Penang chief minister, YB Chow Kon Yeow, on 8th Jan 2022. This award was given to recognise their contributions towards the development of Esports in Penang.

The students are:

  • Ooi Kokuhiro – BSc Computing Year 3, SEGi Penang
  • Soo-Hoo Weng Kit – Alumni (Diploma in Information Technology), SEGi Penang
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