SEGi honours hotel workers for their hard work

Almost half of Malaysians are employed in the hospitality industry, with many working in hotels. These hardworking individuals are critical to the success of the nearly $2 trillion travel and tourism industry in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these workers feel underappreciated, with 42% citing a lack of recognition as one of the most significant barriers to advancement. 

To address this issue, the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management hosted an event to thank and recognise hotel workers for their hard work and dedication. The event involved baking and delivering 20 batches of fresh cookies to three different hotels: The Prestige Hotel Penang, JEN Penang Georgetown by Shangri-La, and Hompton Beach Hotel Penang. 

“We believe that everyone loves to be appreciated, and hospitality workers will undoubtedly receive a morale boost today and be happy as a result of this event,” said a representative from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. 

The event aims to recognise outstanding employees who frequently work behind the scenes and are not in the spotlight. These employees keep guests safe, assist with holiday activities, and are critical to the smooth operation of the travel and tourism industry. 

Due to irregular schedules, long hours, and a lack of appreciation, the hospitality industry has one of the highest turnover rates, according to a recent data study. This event is an excellent opportunity to thank hotel workers for their hard work and dedication. 

The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management hopes that by recognising the important role that hotel employees play in daily operations, it will encourage the industry to provide more recognition and support for its employees. 

The hospitality industry is a vibrant, innovative, and dynamic business, and each hotel’s success is dependent on the hardworking employees who staff the property every day. The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management hopes that this event will raise awareness about the importance of recognising and supporting these vital workers. 

The travel and tourism industry contributed significantly to Malaysia’s economy in 2019, accounting for 14.9% of GDP and employing 3.4 million people, according to Tourism Malaysia. As the industry expands, it is critical to acknowledge the contributions of those who work behind the scenes to make it all possible. 


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