SEGi College Penang organises a fun event to welcome new students

SEGi College Penang recently held a fun orientation event for new students with a barbecue and water-fight event, organised by the Student Affairs and Sales Department, with collaboration from the Student Representative Council.

The barbecue and water fight started at 4 p.m. and lasted till 7 p.m. This allowed the students to mingle with their fellow new students and the SRC members. The organisers prepared delicious marinated chicken wings, sausages and buns for the barbecue.

Later, for fun, there were also water balloons, buckets, hoses, and more, in preparation for the water fight.

The event kicked off with the students arriving and greeted with the tantalising aroma of chicken wings and sausages being grilled. Easy conversation followed, after which they were seated with their food and drinks as they conversed with each other. The food was a huge hit with the crowd, and every morsel was finished.

The event then moved to the water fight, when each person was given their choice of vessel to carry the water, balloon, bucket, water containers, water hoses and more, to drench each other in the water. The fun and enjoyment were almost palpable.

The event ended with the members roasting marshmallows. The event was successful as the new students clearly enjoyed themselves and could taste their exciting student life here at SEGi College Penang. Everyone left the event fully fed and happy.

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