SEGi College Penang get cooking exposure

Some students from SEGi College Penang’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management won a consolation prize in the Cooking in the Park Competition 2022 on 16 October 2022, jointly organised by the Penang Island Municipal Council and Chef’s Association of Malaysia and held at the Municipal (Youth) Park.

SEGi’s contestants were made up of two teams in the Institution of Higher Learning category, and each had chicken and banana to prepare a main-course dish and a dessert within an hour.

The dishes made by both teams included lemongrass chicken with rice, Kapitan Kari with sautéed vegetables, creamy garlic chicken with sautéed vegetables for the main dishes and Tropical Banana Paradise and Banana Potato Balls for the dessert.

Taking part in the competition was a wonderful opportunity for the students to boost their confidence in the kitchen and inspire creativity in their culinary adventure.


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