SEGi Alumni Spotlight: Geoffrey Khaw’s triumph in asset portfolio investment 

SEGi University proudly honours Geoffrey Khaw, an accomplished MBA graduate of 2022, for his outstanding achievements in asset portfolio investment. Currently serving as the Managing Asset Portfolio Investor for a prominent private asset management firm in Malaysia, Geoffrey’s expertise lies in identifying and maximising diversified investment opportunities while effectively managing risk tolerance and optimising stakeholder earnings. 

Geoffrey’s journey towards success began in 2018 when he pursued a part-time MBA through SEGi. With dedication and perseverance, he graduated with distinction, earning him the esteemed Alumni Achiever of the Year Award 2022 from the University of Sunderland. 

Reflecting on his accomplishments, Geoffrey expressed his pride in achieving his self-development goals, which significantly boosted his self-confidence and self-esteem. As a result, he is motivated to pursue high-quality work that optimises earnings and builds net worth for stakeholders, ultimately realising their investment objectives. 

When asked about his biggest challenge, Geoffrey highlighted the importance of effectively rebalancing stakeholders’ asset portfolios amidst global economic weakening or socio-political issues that can destabilise asset markets. This challenge necessitates strategic management approaches to safeguard assets, reduce liabilities, and ensure the company’s short-term and long-term financial performance remains strong. 

Geoffrey’s attraction to the University of Sunderland programme at SEGi stemmed from aligning the course modules with his job profile. The MBA curriculum provided him with academically dedicated modules that were interesting and industry-relevant, allowing him to apply his newfound knowledge to real-world scenarios and elevate his business administration and management skills. 

Impressed by the practicality of the coursework, Geoffrey commended the University’s Business School for providing consistent feedback and support throughout each module assessment. The MBA experience transformed his attitude and perspective, enabling him to create a productive work environment within his organisation. 

Drawing from his experiences, Geoffrey offers valuable advice to recent graduates entering the job market. He emphasises the significance of aligning with an organisation’s mission, embracing good work ethics, continuously seeking self-improvement, and prioritising customer satisfaction through quality products and services. 

Looking towards the future, Geoffrey intends to pursue a PhD to explore new industrial knowledge and contribute feasible findings that will significantly impact industries and customer expectations. His research aims to innovate business processes that benefit society and the environment, exemplifying his commitment to making a meaningful difference. 

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