Unlocking Creativity: SEGi’s Digital Week Inspires Brilliance

SEGi recently illuminated the world of digital creativity with its captivating “Digital Creative Week 2023”, a remarkable celebration of innovation and artistic prowess. Orchestrated by the dedicated efforts of Shahidh and Rosmah, esteemed lecturers at the college, the event unfolded on 20 July 2023, resonating with the spirit of Penang Heritage Day. 

As the state of Penang reverberates with the echoes of its rich heritage every 7 July, SEGi ingeniously aligned its Digital Creative Week to coincide with Penang Heritage Day, spotlighting the remarkable talents of its students. The college’s lobby transformed into a hub of creativity, featuring an enthralling showcase of 9 videos from the Short Film Contest, drawing attention to the exceptional cinematic flair of the students. 

During the mini-exhibition, visitors and SEGi staff were immersed in an interactive experience guided by QR codes that transported them into a captivating Virtual Reality (VR) World. Infographic posters adorned the event, offering insights into diverse creative content realms, and encapsulating the digital age’s essence. 

The interactive quiz sessions, dispersed across various classrooms, tested participants’ knowledge of Penang and its vibrant heritage. The victors who conquered the quiz’s challenges with finesse emerged from this spirited competition. Joan Teoh Ai Lin, a remarkable DIOSH student, claimed the coveted First Prize, followed by the dynamic Kevince Wong Ken Wing, a DIIT student, securing the Second Prize. Yasheeka A/P Ravinthar, yet another brilliant DIIT student, clinched the Third Prize, completing the triumphant trio. 

SEGi’s Digital Creative Week resonated as an unequivocal success, fostering a dynamic learning environment that hones invaluable skills. Beyond the educational scope, the event spotlighted the college’s burgeoning digital creative programmes, showcasing its commitment to nurturing innovative minds. 

The resounding success of Digital Creative Week underscored SEGi’s dedication to fostering a thriving creative ecosystem, substantiated by the enthusiastic participation of both students and staff. 

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