Industry into classroom – technoprenuership awareness

In the field of entrepreneurship, technopreneurship is the newest buzzword. In the startup environment, it is seen as the next big thing. Technopreneurs are entrepreneurs who develop and run and integrate their business with technology enhancement.

‘Technopreneurship’ is a word that combines the concepts of technology and entrepreneurship. It is a type of entrepreneurship which relates to technology. Unlike entrepreneurship, which may often be a one-person show, it requires tech-savvy, creative, imaginative individuals who have a penchant for taking calculated risks. A technopreneur’s success is determined by his/her ability to motivate a group of people. As a result, the success of any technopreneurship start-up necessitates the collaboration of a group of devoted individuals with diverse sets of skills and resources.

Technopreneurs start their firms with a validated brainstorming session in this technology-driven era. When they come up with a novel idea, they begin to integrate technology into it. It’s all about leveraging creativity and innovation to transform corporate productivity and old habits.

On this note, SEGi has introduced a new learning strategy through our partners in industry to boost our students’ knowledge based on real-world practices, including technopreneurship. The School of Information Technology has hosted many talks in our Industry-into-the-Classroom series by bringing experts from industry to share their experience with the students.

We would like to thank Operion E-Commerce and Software Sdn Bhd and our School of Information Technology for making this talk a success.

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