Impact of Robotic Event Participation (GED Robolympics 2019) in Students Experiential Learning Through Engineering Application

Global Education Day 2019 was organized together with the Robolympics. The idea of Robolympics came from the original Olympics Games. Olympics games are an international event that happens once every four years. Sumo and wrestling are the two major games in the Olympics. There will be TWO competition categories, including robot fighting competition and robotic sumo competition in Robolympics. This event creates the opportunity for all generations to create, design and compete with other experts from all other areas based on their creativity. It also creates an engaging environment for the attendees to learn, interact and share about innovative emerging robotic technologies in the future. Through this event, the students would have a bigger exposure to Robot Competition which will equip the students and public with different knowledge which is not taught in the normal classes and prepare them for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0).



  • To provide an insight into the public that Penang is the hub for Global Education.
  • To provide an opportunity for the public to interact with personnel from partner universities.
  • To provide insights on how technologies are impactful not only in education, engineering but in other areas including
  • To challenge and bring together the creativity of participants and experts from all areas and engage them in a learning environment about current and future
  • To encourage youth participants such as primary and secondary school students in topic relates to robots and E-Sports.
  • To provide an insight to the public about the Industrial Revolution 0.


  • The Best Design Award
  • The Best Technology Award

There are total of TWO categories Robot Competition offered in GED 2019. The prizes and awards are listed below.

Category Games Prize
Open GED Robot Fighting Competition First Prize worth RM1500 + Trophy 

Second Prize worth RM1000 + Trophy

Third Prize worth RM500 + Trophy

GED RC Robo Sumo First Prize worth RM1500 + Trophy 

Second Prize worth RM1000 + Trophy

Third Prize worth RM500 + Trophy

This competition had attracted 10 teams of participants for GED Robot Fighting Competition (Open Category), 32 teams of participants for GED RC Robo Sumo (Open Category).

Promoting interest and engagement of the engineering with the students can be accomplished through student competitions. By joining the robotic event, the students can experience the knowledge of engineering theories, application, hands-on practical and teamwork which can be resulting in a very rewarding learning process that indirectly involves in soft skills as well. By gaining experience in the event, the students can receive concrete feedback from the real-world application which can develop the students on required skill sets, self-efficacy, confidence and memory. Thus, it is important to encourage the students to participate in the competitions that comprise all the elements for the engineering application of this innovative teaching method in engineering. The student project and competition involvement promotes emotional interest, motivation and at the same time engaging students in an exciting open-minded, creativity and innovation. In short, the students gain additional knowledge and skills, including speculating each action at the competition and complying the experiential learning through by doing the task.

Lesson Learn

From GED 2019, our students learned the Technical Skill and Problem Solving Skill on how to integrate and program the fighting robots which was not taught in the class. The best way of learning is hands-on learning. The students also learned the soft skill through the competition. Because they have to communicate with each other and cooperate to control the robots during the competition. Furthermore, the competition also can test the immediate reaction of students. They must fully focus on the competition in order to defeat the opponent. Those experiences are very useful in their career in the future.


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