Future IT Professionals Gain Industry Insights at SEGi’s Talk

In today’s digital age, information technology (IT) plays a crucial role in shaping businesses and industries. As aspiring professionals, it is essential for internship students to gain insights into the inner workings of IT companies. 

To facilitate this learning experience, Kong Kok Wah, the Programme Leader of the School of Information Technology (SOIT) of SEGi College Penang, recently organised an engaging and informative talk exclusively designed for internship students.  The talk was held on an online platform and attended by more than forty students who are currently doing their bachelor’s degree programmes.  

The talk was led by Thanaletchumy, Senior Specialist in Talent Acquisition at Finexus Penang. She discussed the company’s IT strategy, the products and services offered by the company, and the skills that students need to succeed in the industry. The talk served as an avenue for internship students to gain industry exposure, guidance, and internship opportunities. 

Finexus is a diversified technology company that specialises in providing cutting-edge solutions to businesses across various industries, especially in banking and financial institutions. The company is committed to empowering the next generation of IT professionals by offering valuable insights, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Students can gain insights into the requirements, responsibilities, and benefits of their internship programmes, enabling them to make informed decisions and enhance their chances of securing valuable internships. 

This event was thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the IT industry and its practical applications. During the talk, the internship students learned about the diverse range of projects and technologies being undertaken by the company, an exposure which allows them to understand the practical applications of their technical knowledge. 

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