Compassionate Ramadan Initiative Leaves a Lasting Impact

SEGi College Penang hosted the On Go Ramadan Event on 3 April 2024, showcasing a vibrant display of inclusivity and unity within the community. The event aimed to promote togetherness and cultural understanding by sharing Kurma (dates) and mineral water with Muslim friends observing Ramadan, enriching the perspectives of SEGi College Penang students.

During the event, participants distributed Kurma, a traditional symbol of breaking the fast at Iftar, honouring the significance of Ramadan customs. Bottles of mineral water were provided to ensure proper hydration for those fasting, especially in warm climates. These gestures not only supported the Muslim community but also encouraged cultural exchange and mutual respect among participants.

The On Go Ramadan Event emphasised inclusivity and celebration, transcending religious boundaries to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds in compassion and solidarity. By engaging in these acts of kindness, students gained valuable insights into different cultures and traditions, fostering openness and appreciation for Malaysia’s multicultural identity.

SEGi College Penang’s commitment to nurturing global citizens who embrace diversity and empathy was evident throughout the event. By promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding, the college continues to uphold its inclusivity and community building values to create a harmonious and welcoming environment for all.

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