Celebrating Tradition and Unity: SEGi’s Vibrant Chinese New Year

As the echoes of firecrackers resounded through the halls of SEGi College Penang, a sense of tradition and unity enveloped the campus on the auspicious day of 22 February 2024. SEGi, renowned for its commitment to diversity and cultural inclusivity, embraced the spirit of the Chinese New Year with fervour and joy, showcasing a vibrant celebration that brought together staff and students in a jubilant display of festivity.

The Chinese New Year, a time-honoured tradition steeped in rich cultural significance, holds a special place in the hearts of millions around the world. At SEGi College Penang, preparations for this momentous occasion were meticulous and thorough, ensuring a safe and memorable experience for all participants. Under the guidance of the college’s Registrar, elaborate plans were put in place to orchestrate the festivities, from the lighting of firecrackers to the graceful performance of lion dances.

The day commenced with eager anticipation as staff and students gathered at the entrance of the main building, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the lion dance troupe. The atmosphere was electric, with excitement palpable in the air as the first firecrackers were ignited, symbolising the ushering in of luck and prosperity for the coming year. Led by the spirited beats of drums and gongs, the lions danced their way through the corridors, blessing various departments and spreading joy wherever they went.

From the mechanical lab to the library, from the principal’s office to the staffroom, the lions brought blessings of success and prosperity to all corners of the campus. Their vibrant colours and playful antics captivated the audience, leaving a lasting impression of the indomitable spirit of the Chinese New Year.

The festivities reached a crescendo as staff members gathered at the SPACE area for the traditional Yee Sang toss, symbolizing abundance and good fortune. Led by Mr. Lee Chin Ching, the spirited chants of “heng ah, ong ah, huat ah” reverberated through the room, uniting everyone in a shared sense of optimism and hope for the future.

As the celebrations drew to a close and red envelopes were exchanged as tokens of goodwill, it was evident that SEGi College Penang had succeeded in creating a memorable Chinese New Year experience for all. Through its commitment to embracing cultural diversity and fostering a sense of community, SEGi has once again demonstrated its dedication to nurturing not only academic excellence but also the rich tapestry of traditions that make up the fabric of Malaysian society.

In a world often characterised by division and discord, SEGi’s Chinese New Year celebration serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of coming together to celebrate our shared humanity and heritage. May the spirit of unity and goodwill that permeated the festivities continue to inspire and uplift us throughout the year ahead.


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