Career talk in accounting

A group of students from Segi College Penang’s School of Business and School of Engineering organised a webinar on Career Talk in Accounting.

The webinar is targeted to those who are about to graduate from their studies, graduated students, SPM students who are deciding on their tertiary education courses, or those who are interested to know more about accounting. The webinar was held on 21 October 2022, from 11 am to 12 pm via an online session on Microsoft Teams. The webinar featured guest speaker Dr. Saygaran.

This event was organised by 8 students from BABMM, BAAF, and BME programmes under MPU3412 (Community Engagement). This webinar aims to educate and create interest amongst students in the accounting field, identify the career prospects in the accountancy profession, and expose students to the route to becoming qualified accountants and the importance of registering as a member.

With an attendance of over 60 participants, the group has achieved its target number for this project. The speaker also held a question and answered session with the participants, gave useful advice and guidance, and shared his experience in this career path.

After the webinar, the speaker was given an E-Cert for his contributions and efforts in his Career talk. After attending the session, the participants received a thank you digital card via email, along with a feedback form link for their evaluation and suggestions to improve our events. This webinar gave students a good insight into the accountancy career path, and our students from SEGi College gained valuable experience organising this career talk.

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