Importance of early years education & career opportunities

WALK THE TALK – Importance of Early Years Education & Career Opportunities in Early Years Industry

This is our first volume of WALK THE TALK for the year 2020 and we are excited about our first article. In this article, we are going to discuss about the opportunities awaiting every graduate in this field. Early Years Industry may look simple or easy to handle, but it is not the truth as Early Years is the most crucial period in a person’s life. During this crucial period, a human being develops completely in all the areas of development. So, one can imagine if any one area of development is ignored or neglected. This may affect the child in long term. The teachers must always work hard to balance the IQ with EQ.

Our Colleague, Ms. Jaya (Lecturer cum Program Leader, Diploma in Medical Lab Technology, SEGi College Kuala Lumpur) also shared with us about the importance of early years’ education since her child is 3 years old and she is enjoying the motherhood right now. According to her, Early Years Education is important as it will build the child’s knowledge and behavior. Nevertheless, it will develop the confidence and self-esteem of the child in the sense of wellbeing. Moreover, at this stage a child’s brain development is at its peak. Therefore, professionally crafted activities in preschool enhance the development of the brain. Various activities that involve analyzing, logical reasoning that are designed by pre-school teachers are much needed for their brain development.

At SEGi College Kuala Lumpur, we always want our students who will soon be the future teachers to practice what we preach and do the right things with the children. They are given opportunity to do internship with a registered kindergarten soon after they finish their theory components. They get trained as a Novice Teacher for three months (360 hours) and then they are completely ready to face the work industry as a qualified early years educator. This industry is ever green as the parents of Malaysia understand the importance of early years and they give importance to quality care and education for their little ones.

“The First Five Years Have So Much To Do With How The Next 80 Turn Out To Be” – Bill Gates Sr

Alfred Wei who is the CEO and the owner of a renowned Pre-school called K for Kids located in Bandar Baru Puchong, pens about the opportunities available in abundance for the ECE graduates.   

Opportunities For ECE Graduates and What They Can Achieve

Exposures in different ways of educating style are crucial as it encourages educators to use their creativity (instead of Book Driven) to conduct and to nurture the children.

Many educators use a book driven approach to conduct classes i.e. as long as I have done page 1 till page 10, my mission is completed. That kind of approach is teacher centred not children centred. Though the book/chapter may be finished, children may not understand about the chapter. So, they can be wonderful early years teachers with their Diploma or Degree in early years.

Every child is unique in their own ways and every child experiences different development pace and stages. Therefore, it is important that educators are NOT in a robotic mode when educating children. Some children may require more time and attention or different approaches to have the lesson delivered. The graduates also have opportunities to be a shadow aid to a child, be a tutor based on one on one ratio.

Project Based Learning is different because it is a children-centred approach. It encourages children to use their critical mind to think and to question about the topic/theme.

K For Kids Preschool is having an Aussie Inspired Delivery Method in their DNA i.e. Project Based Learning. Children are proactive instead of passive/shy or afraid of making mistakes. Children love to express their thoughts, adapt appropriate behaviours to improve social skills, show curiosity and retain concentration. The graduates can also be Project Coordinators or Project Leaders.

Educators on the other hand will have more fun, be more self-inspired and will gain satisfactions. All these achievements will better equip educators to become great leaders and to become lead educators, management and even owners of centres.

With this positive note, we sign off for this month and will meet you with a new topic next month. Bye from the ECE team, SEGi College, Kuala Lumpur.

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