SEGi’s talk to build digital marketers

SEGi College Kuala Lumpur’s School of Business and Accounting, recently organised a talk on digital marketing by Mr Marus of the same school. With fifteen years of experience in the digital marketing field, Marcus started his career in leading digital agencies specialising in digital marketing and ecommerce strategies for clients.

The objective of the talk was to help students understand what digital marketing is and its importance in current times, as well as to define digital marketing and identify marketing strategies. This talk benefited not only SEGi College as a whole, but specifically the students in our School of Business and Accounting, bringing added value to their education.

During the talk, Marus stated that technology develops in many forms, and businesses should take the opportunity to promote their products and services through social media, which helps to get them in touch with buyers of all age groups and the right target market. Social media is a huge platform because it can reach millions of users around the world on multiple platforms, benefiting businesses with the ability to promote their products and services, with the ability to purchase online based on reviews and buyers. Social media helps cut the costs of traditional marketing. Businesses can save a great amount of money from advertising because this can now be made through digital marketing alone by creating an official page based on each respective company.

According to the Global Digital Report in 2019, Internet users worldwide were 4.388 billion and in particular social media users were 3.484 billion. Using the Internet wisely for marketing purposes is the ultimate goal of many entrepreneurs in the 21st century, which is a major shift from traditional marketing strategies. Digital marketing plays a huge role for businesses to grow and especially on social media, it can expand internationally and not just locally. There are no limitations when it comes to expanding the name of the business on on social media. Also, when a business has its own profile page it will be easier for customers to visit the page and purchase the products they desire. Digital marketing also includes businesses promoting their products and services.

This very enlightening talk gave much insight to SEGi students in their business studies, and allowed them to create new ideas to help businesses stay on track with the media hora newest trends to excel among their competitors.



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